So this 6-months is not just about being single – it’s easy (kinda) to just say no to a date. The point is to devote all of that previous “dating” energy and then some to developing an intimate relationship with Christ. While I am a Christian, and I love God, and I am constantly thanking Him for everything He’s done in my life, there is major room for growth for me in Christianity. For starters, I don’t read the Bible nearly enough.

As part of Wilson’s book, she suggests exclusively “dating” Christ for the next 6-months. Why? Because it usually takes about that long to learn who a person really is. So that’s what I’m doing. However the book doesn’t really tell you how. At church the other day one of the teachers said that if we need a “Bible Reading Plan” and don’t know where to start, start with reading a Proverb a day, and then some of the Psalms, next go to John so you can really learn about Jesus. “You are a Christian so you ought to really know what the Christ part of that means.” Isn’t it funny how God speaks to you sometimes? I had no idea where to start and within days someone told me exactly where to go to learn about Jesus.

That said, I REALLY love Jesus. Like seriously. He was a G. But a gentle-hearted G. Like I’ve always loved Him, I’ve always been eternally grateful for the example that He’s set for us and especially for the way He gave up His own life so that I could live. LOVE.

But – what I’ve been cheating myself from by not reading John as a whole (as opposed to reading little stories here and a verse or two there) is getting this whole picture of who Jesus is. In church they don’t tell you about the time when Jesus flipped the table over and some of his retorts to his doubters are straight up hilarious. I just can’t get over how He repeatedly worked these miracles, was blameless, yet the Pharisees STILL wanted him killed and the Jews STILL didn’t believe he was the Son of God. Every miracle he would win a few more followers but there would always remain some doubters (who were simply afraid of his power). The entire time I’m reading I’m thinking – “Why won’t they let Jesus be great?!” And I can see him walking around looking at his “haters” asking that very same question: “Really. Why won’t you let me be great?” What translation of the Bible is that? And where can I find it?

Exclusively dating Christ for 2 weeks, and it feels great,