So I know my issues… for the most part.

When Wilson asked us to pick our three things we needed to work on I knew judgment was one of them. I’ve always had this issue with being “right.” Even to the point where if I was having a debate with someone and we just ended it – I would look it up afterwards just so that I would know I was right. Then I may or may not bring it back up to them at a later date. Sickening I know. Only recently have I become completely ok with letting someone else walk away thinking they’re right. Notice I use the word “thinking” – it’s quite the illness I have here. Part of the exercise was to use the Concordance in the back of the Bible to find all of the scriptures related to your particular issue and write them all down then memorize a few. But let me tell you… I might as well write the whole Bible because judgement is in there like seven thousand times – only a slight exaggeration. Very slight. But that just reaffirms its importance. If half the Bible is written about judgment, I should at some point heed to its instructions. Now grant it, all of the verses aren’t of the “don’t judge” persuasion – but enough of them are.

God is the only one who can judge. Jesus didn’t even judge. He, too, left that responsibility up to our Father. I know this is going to be a challenge for me. Just today I was tested both at work and in my school. Basically like sitting for an all-day exam on judging. I didn’t pass the first go round. Lots of erasing, going back over the same questions over and over again, stopping in the middle of the exam and praying over EVERYTHING, just really focusing on the fact that the only way to get better at something is to practice. Yeah so I am THANKFUL for the continued opportunity to practice humility. I don’t know how to start but I know one thing I am trying is eliminating the word “should” from my vocabulary when it comes to other people’s lives or how our office works or whatevs. And it’s pretty easy not to verbalize them – it’s my mind that’s the battlefield.

When it comes to dating, I can totally see how this affected my last relationship. TO-TA-LLY. Although I like to consider myself “constructive” and to think I know the best way for everything therefore I’m only helping, there is no way I would like that from someone else so I just pray daily that I’m helped through this. In the last Bible Study that I went through at St. Andrew we talked about replacing a critical spirit – I need to revisit that fa sho.

How fitting: II Cor 10:4-5