1) Have you ever remixed a secular song (like really secular) to fit to Jesus and can’t get it out your head?? But then you still have the beat in your head so you’re dancing like “wait…” Yeah. I can’t get “My God is like Whoa” out of my head (to the tune of Mya of course). Please, no judgment.

2) Not dating anyone makes it easier to not date people who aren’t worthy. Does that make sense? The same goes for sex. After you have not had sex for a certain amount of time (like since you were born right?) it makes it easier to not break that covenant or “waste” it on someone who’s not worthy. It’s like I’m purposefully not dating. You better be the bomb.gov if you think I’m going to give you some of my time after all of the working on me that I’ve been doing.

This may or may not make sense. Ah well… God knows my heart, right?

Oh and a quick 3rd thing. Every time I read a new book of the Bible I’m like “OMG this has got to be my favorite book!” I really thought Proverbs was my favorite, then Hebrews, then each one of the gospels (except for Mark, didn’t read that one yet), but now I’m pretty sure I Corinthians is my favorite. I was on the metro earlier today and just couldn’t stop thinking about how valid and real and just amazing Paul’s God-inspired words were to the church of Corinth. And now I’m in II Corinthians and I’m pretty sure it’ll be my favorite tomorrow. I can’t believe I didn’t like reading the Bible when I was younger!