New Years Revival this week. Puredee awesomeness (one of those is definitely a real word… the other, questionable).

Jackie McCullough said something today about the crazy things you do and believe because you love God just that much. And that is so real. That’s how I should love Him because that’s how much He loved me. All of these songs people sing about how in love they are with their “boo” or how hurt they are because they thought he was “the one.” Why settle for “one” that couldn’t care any less about you when you could have “three-in-one” who would die for you to live?? Oh wait, that already happened.

I think it’s funny (sad) that people tiptoe around their religion around their “friends.” Ummm I’m sorry but if you can’t be your God-lovin self around your friends then NEWSFLASH: those aren’t your friends. But here I go judging again… that and pride will be the death of me. Or not, because I believe in a God that’s already claimed victory over everything – including death.

As you were…