So the last post and the events that led up to it were caused by alcohol. I almost slipped up today – because of alcohol. One of the biggest, most expensive problems I’ve ever had – alcohol. One of the most embarrassing nights I’ve ever had – alcohol. Not gonna lie that some of my most fun nights have also included alcohol. BUT… I know I must be growing up to even consider the fact that I don’t need to drink anymore. I don’t want to wait for the next big tragic event to stop me. Girls night when I know I’m not driving anywhere and I know I’m not going to do something I’ll regret in the morning is one thing – EVERYTHING else falls into an entirely different category. I know I’ve not fully comprehended the magnitude of what’s going on because I keep trying to find loopholes – “Ok I’ll just eliminate tequila.” or “I’ll only drink wine.” or “I’ll only have one drink.” That’s fine for now. At least I recognize my issues and know how to attack them. The problems usually arise when you completely ignore the signs in front of you and deny, deny, deny!