So I just finished my 6 months of purposefully and intentionally dating Christ and Christ alone (read: 6 months of not dating men in DC or Memphis or elsewhere -regardless of how cute they were). The (imperfect) 6 months was over on Saturday. It came and went without a bang… or a pop, whiz, fizzle, etc. I was home so it actually ended quite perfectly – with my mommy, sister, brother, grandmother, and aunts – some long overdue fellowshipping with my family. I couldn’t really figure out how to sum up this experience. But I logged onto Twitter at just the right time to catch this tweet from a beautiful girl that I spent many years cheering with in high school who finished her 6 month challenge a few days before me (we had no idea we were both doing the challenge until after we’d started!).  I wasn’t sure how to sum up my experience – but I’ll basically leave it at what she said:


(You can follow Jillian’s journey on her blog and her ramblings on tha twitta.)