So about this whole celibacy thing… I’m sure everyone is aware of the religious and personal reasons to commit to only having sex with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with (honor God with your body, eliminate the frequent misuse of the term “love” when sex is involved, a WHOLE lot of other things), but I just want to talk about the other side of this here celibacy coin.

It’s the idea of restraint. Let’s just say you want to abstain from sex, but your “significant” other says s/he just can’t do it. So after a few months, maybe even a year, you give in to appease. Ok that’s all fine and dandy, but the fact that your significant other really felt like they “couldn’t” be with you without having sex is a problem. Namely because that says that s/he lacks the ability practice restraint. Ok so what does that mean?? Well, if they couldn’t practice restraint in this situation, what makes you think they will know how to practice restraint when approached by a homewrecking coworker? Or what if you are separated for a while or something happens to one of you and you are not able to be together physically? Yeah, that’s not the ideal time to give restraint a try. Just saying… If s/he couldn’t say no to you now what makes you think s/he’ll be able to say no for you later?

It’s not physics; it’s really quite simple. Restraint now is a better indicator of restraint later. Lack of restraint now is a better indicator of lack of restraint later. It makes a lot more sense in my head than it does in this post. But ah well.. it’ll land where it’s supposed to!

(*Replace “significant other” with “you” to really put it into perspective – or feel convicted.)