…to God. That’s how I look at journaling. Most of the time. I really think it’s essential. Sometimes it’s the just getting things out, sometimes it’s the being able to go back and see how your thought life and your spiritual life has grown, other times it’s just the catalogue of being able to see what He has done for you in your life. It’s the best textbook for life anyone can have. Learning from your own experiences and reflecting on them is powerful. Some people have no idea who they really are because they are talking to everyone else about who they should be and not talking to God and themselves. Sometimes when I’m “stream of consciousness” writing, I swear God is talking to me. Writing me love letters back… It’s quite magical. Don’t knock it til you try it.

One of my favorite parts of journaling is my gratitude list. There are times when I record them daily and others when I just think about it. But it never fails: the more I express gratitude, the more I find to express gratitude for. I can remember struggling to think of 5 things in a day to thank God for when I first started with my daily gratitude list. WIthin a week I was up to like 5 pages worth of things to be grateful for. Ok maybe not five pages, but I would seriously get hand cramps from writing so much. It’s eye opening because you realize that gratitude opens up the floodgates of grace. It really is an attitude. The same thing can happen today that happened yesterday, but an attitude of gratitude will transform the way you experience that event. So since I left my journal at home (currently out of town for work), I’ll just record a few things I’ve been grateful for over the past few days.

So Dearest Abba, thank you for:

1. Love

2. Growing friendships with one of my coworkers during this conference

3. Renewed focus

4. Safe travels from DC to Minneapolis

5. Baby Gabriella – such a blessing!

6. Getting to spend quality time with SCM

7. Work paying for my meals this week – holla!

8. First day of school for my baby brother and sister

9. Keeping my brother safe playing football

10. Healing my grandmother daily

11. Being able to hear my grandmother’s laugh

12. Giving me some sense – seriously

13. Chiseling away at my proud spirit and filling those gaps with humility and love

14. Daily conversations with DME

15. Showing me the blessings and benefits of a relationship centered on you

16. A day off work!

17. Technology – getting to watch sermons online, Skyping with family, google hangouts, cray!

18. Your never failing Word.

19. My (I think they’re too big but I know they’re not too big for you) dreams

I’ll stop there. But yeah, God is amazeballs. And I’ll keep writing him love letters to let him know how much I love Him and how much I’m thankful for everything He’s done for me.

With love,