My mind is my battlefield. Mainly because my mind runs at several thousand thoughts per nano-second and I am easily distracted. Deadly combination. One of the things that has helped me meditate on God’s word is to just surround myself in His word. Literally. I have often placed memory verses that I’d been working on on the bathroom mirror, but I’ve recently found some new places to always remind myself of God’s word. I typically take 1-2 passages and write them on a index cards or post-it notes and then put them all over the place (by all over the place I mean some of the places listed below). I usually like to meditate on the same scripture for the entire week – so I’d put the same scripture in ALL of these places. But if you want to put a different scripture in each place – go for it! So here goes:

1. Above light switches. Every time you turn on/off a light, just read the scripture as a reminder. I mean, He is the light of the world after all. Very fitting.

2On the steering wheel of your car. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about this sooner. Such a good idea! (Although it looks a lot less trifling with a post-it note as opposed to this index card and tape.)Image

3. On the microwave door. By the time your popcorn is finished you could have read the verse multiple times.

4. Above the kitchen sink. What better way to spend your time washing dishes?

5. The home/lock screen on your cellphone (or ipads). Why not replace that selfie with your favorite scripture?? We pick up our phone so often – this is an easy one.

6. Mirrors. Speaking of selfies, any and all mirrors are fair game for memory scriptures. And you can write directly on them with dry erase markers (or lipstick, I’m not judging)!

7. In your wallet/billfold.

8. Computer backgrounds/screensavers. Both your home and work computers and laptops.

9. On doors. Either right at eye level or just above the door knob/

This should definitely be a good start. Before you know it these scriptures will be hidden in your heart – ready for your use whenever you may need them! (see Psalm 119:11)

I’m sure I must have missed some – where are other good places to keep memory scriptures?


I’m participating in AwesomelyLuvvie’s 31 Write Now Blog Challenge! Something new to the blog every day for 31 days. I’m already late. For shame. But whatevs – I’m looking forward to this! #31WriteNow