For your listening pleasure (no really, it’s like the soundtrack to this post. play it. now. you’ll feel better afterwards.):

So I have been jamming to this song ALL day. And it’s all the Young Adult Choir’s fault. At Sunday night’s service they basically just started an all out praise party – two stepping too hard. For the Lord of course.  And it just makes my heart smile and I get all overjoyed because of how grateful I really am at the things God has been working out for me. At any rate, I can’t get it out of my head.

Which reminds me, I LOVE our Young Adult Choir at FBCG. Not just because of the amazing energy they bring, not just because my friends are up there (hey boos!), but just because it even exists. Just to see so many young people really giving God their all. Leading worship. A choir stand FULL of young adults. More young adults than some churches even have coming on Sundays at all. And they are up there jamming. For the Lord of course. I salute y’all. I can always count on YAC to start a praise party. I love it when people three times our age are up jamming right along with us. Major major major shoutout to Anthony Brown, for his leadership – it’s clear where that energy is coming from.  Now, some of my YAC favs. Enjoy:

Break Every Chain (I remember this day. It was the first time I’d ever heard Break Every Chain at our church. POWERFUL is an understatement.) 

God is Great 


Still rocking with the #31WriteNow Challenge! I was a few days late so this is my 3rd day.