I’m a proud member of FBCG and love the Word Pastor John K. Kenkins brings every week. But, thanks to the innanets, I can virtually attend church all across the country! Across the world even – reminds me of the time I watched Communion Service from Copenhagen, Denmark. The Holy Ghost was all up in my hotel room. And because of wonderful world wide web, I have a dream team of spiritual counselors at my disposal whenever I need them (read: I can access their sermons online whenever I need to and I follow them on Twitter). This becomes super helpful when I am studying a particular topic and want to get various perspectives on it. They all have different teaching styles but all are powerfully anointed and it’s very clear that they all really care about making sure God’s unadulterated word is brought to the masses regularly. So, here goes, my personal dream team (feel free to borrow them):

Andy Stanley of Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta – One of the other reasons I spent 6 months dating God, not men (which means it’s one of the reasons I started this here very blog!); Love his no frills very simple teaching style. Here’s a clip from one of his series; check out the entire series and others here:  

Jeffrey Johnson of Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis – This man is the TRUTH. He always says something that makes me cringe with conviction – signs that the sermon is working something out of me! And he always has a good story to illustrate. He’s awesome.  

Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries – I call her Auntie Joyce. This woman has a word for every situation I’ve ever been in. And I love her honesty and transparency. 

Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas and the Urban Alternative – And this is Uncle Tony. His messages are always so powerful (and the most honorablest of mentions to his daughter Priscilla Shirer)! 

And of course, my pastor in real life  – John K. Jenkins of First Baptist Church of Glenarden (He starts at about the 50 min mark): 

There are quite a few other pastors I like but these are just the ones in heavy rotation. Who would make up your dreamteam of Pastors?


Somehow managing to keep up with the #31WriteNow Challenge – woot!