One of the things that really weighs heavy on my heart is the state of families, communities, marriages, etc. Especially black families, black marriages, and black communities. I mean, if we don’t care about our own, who will, right?

I think many times, it’s as simple as people just don’t know any better. If they’ve never seen anybody in their extended family get married, let alone make a marriage last (and I’m not even going to throw “happy” in there), how will they know it could be any different? Sometimes I struggle with how much I should share about my relationship on these here innanets. On the one hand, I think it’s really important for examples of relationships that were founded in Christ to be vocal. Let other people see what it means to be in a Christ-centered relationship. But on the other hand, y’all nosey! And you definitely have to keep something for yourself. So until I uncover that balance of how much to share, I’m going to share other peoples’ marriages instead. And really, I’m not sharing them, but it’s the good folks over at Black and Married with Kids (better known as BMWK) who have answered the call. Bookmark this site – started by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler (they are hilarious by the way!), you will want to visit it often. Follow them on the twitter, like them on facebook, all of that. Share the stories with your friends. Let’s just blow them up so that people know this thing is real and that it can work.

Black & Married with Kids

Black & Married with Kids


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