Honor the Lord with your wealth 
and with the firstfruits of all your produce”
-Proverbs 3:9 ESV

Tithing. It can be a touchy word for some. It definitely shouldn’t be. If you’re maturing in Christ and preparing yourself for marriage, this is one of those disciplines that should be fairly easy to get control of (unlike something like, oh I don’t know, selfishness). And if you’re interested in someone, and they’re not tithing regularly, it might just be a red flag. That may seem a little extreme to some, but if you can’t obey a command that’s a clearcut and simple as this one, I don’t even want to know what else is going on.

God desires our first fruits. First of all, it’s his anyway. But it’s not because he needs them (umm hello, He’s God). It’s because when you tithe, you are showing your obedience and your trust in Him. And all of that equals you showing how much you love Him.  Plus I’m totally of the belief that the more you let flow thru you, the more you’ll find flows to you (but you don’t hear me tho).

But what if He wasn’t just talking about our income? What if God wanted the first fruit of our time? What if, before we decided about anything else we were going to do for the day, we earmarked some time to give back to God? What if all God wanted was a little bit of our quality time? I mean, he created time, so it is his. What if, we were able to wake up in the morning, and start our day off with God? And if you are not a morning person*, I’m not talking about those first rotten fruits when you’re all grumpy. I’m talking about after you’re awake and alert and ready to really start your day. What if we started our day with Him? Can you imagine if we were commanded to tithe of our day? Like a real 10%. That’s almost 2 1/2 hours every day. What if God was like the IRS and commanded you to back-tithe – how much back-tithe would you owe? Scary.

And that may seem like a lot, but I think we should give Him even more. Even if it means just being a superstar employee full of love, mercy and forgiveness on our jobs. Or perhaps it means listening to songs that worship him for who He is instead of the Steve Harvey morning show in the morning? Or what about taking an opportunity to pray for someone else throughout the day? I think moments like these, and others, could easily add up to that 10%

Tithing of our finances is easy, but what about the tithing of our time? Even if it’s not ten percent of our time, let’s try to give God just a little bit more today. I’ll hold you accountable if you promise to hold me accountable.

*Also. Stop saying “I’m not a morning person.” Words have power. The more you say it, the more you believe it, the harder it is for you to break that habit (don’t mind me, just giving myself some advice here).