Not feeling inspired to write. Not at all. But I’m writing anyway. Because one of the most important lessons I’ve learned this year is that we don’t operate in our feelings. So although I don’t feel like writing… here I am, writing away.

Today marks the 14th day of my attempt to surrender laziness to God (and giving up social media which is the primary enabler of said laziness). And let me tell you, Satan really tried it. On or about the 4th day of the fast, my laptop charger died. Ummm hello, productivity? How am I supposed to work with no laptop? Seriously. But then I won an iPad mini in a raffle! These things never happen to me- but He’s on time right? Not that I can really work on this thing. And of course now that I am typing this, I’m realizing that my computer charger dying is the perfect opportunity for me to rid myself of all laziness excuses. I don’t need a computer to clean up this disaster of a room. I don’t need a computer to call and check on my grandmother. And I definitely don’t need it to go in there and cook me something to eat.

So nice try devil. But I’m feeling all like Joseph. All… You meant it for my bad but God meant it for my good (Gen 50:20).

Excited to see what the rest of this 40 day fast is gonna bring. Most excited about getting back smack dab into the middle of God’s good and perfect will. Cuz MY will ain’t been hittin on bout nothing…