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Just cracked open Priscilla Shirer’s Resolution for Women and boy oh boy is it gonna be a doozy. From Part 1:

“When you’ve concluded that what you already have on hand is enough, that it’s adequate – that it’s been deemed by God as sufficient – then you’re equipped and empowered to participate fully in the tasks set before you during this season of life…Your God can be trusted to grant you the supply you need to excel at His purposes. So if you don’t have it – whatever it is- it’s because you don’t need it. You may want it, but it’s not necessary in order to accomplish what He knows is most important for your life today. Otherwise He’d have given it to you.” -Priscilla Shirer (also see 2 Cor 9:8)

It’s as simple as that folks.

One of the things that robs us of our happiness is ourselves. It’s our constant desire to want more. Or to want something different. Our current phase, our current state, our current car, our current bank account balance, is never enough. As a single, we want to be in a relationship. In a relationship, we want him to propose. When you get married, you’re already thinking about a bigger house. A promotion. Kids. We are never present in the moment. Which means we are not truly practicing contentment. Not being content is the only thing that can truly rob us of our peace.  Comparing ourselves to what the next person has (or what they claim they have on facebook, twitter, or instragram) doesn’t allow us to fully enjoy the blessings that God has given us at this very moment. Valorie Burton, author of a great book called Successful Women Think Differently, calls it the hedonic treadmill. And she implores us to get off of it.  Well, I for one don’t like treadmills anyway. All that huffing and puffing and getting tired but going nowhere.  But I digress…

It’s important for us to realize that we have enough. That we are enough. That whatever God has ordained as our purpose for this very moment, he has provided. We have enough to fulfill today’s purpose. By desiring more than we need we are wasting energy, precious energy that should be directed towards our purpose. We miss opportunities to make today better for us or for those around us when we are focused on tomorrow. We often say, “I need more money” or “I’ll do that when I get my life together.” But repeat after me – I AM ENOUGH. I HAVE ENOUGH. (Repeat 10 times infinity times or until you believe it. And then repeat it some more.)

Also note that this is not saying that you shouldn’t be expectant and move when God tells you to move. Quite the contrary – there is a balance. But you will never find that balance if you are only looking at tomorrow and not savoring the blessings of today.

In what area of your life does this apply to? Resolve to be content. Acknowledge that you have enough. (And go get this book! Only one section in and I already know it’s gonna be added to the Life Changing Bookshelf.)


My mind is my battlefield. Mainly because my mind runs at several thousand thoughts per nano-second and I am easily distracted. Deadly combination. One of the things that has helped me meditate on God’s word is to just surround myself in His word. Literally. I have often placed memory verses that I’d been working on on the bathroom mirror, but I’ve recently found some new places to always remind myself of God’s word. I typically take 1-2 passages and write them on a index cards or post-it notes and then put them all over the place (by all over the place I mean some of the places listed below). I usually like to meditate on the same scripture for the entire week – so I’d put the same scripture in ALL of these places. But if you want to put a different scripture in each place – go for it! So here goes:

1. Above light switches. Every time you turn on/off a light, just read the scripture as a reminder. I mean, He is the light of the world after all. Very fitting.

2On the steering wheel of your car. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about this sooner. Such a good idea! (Although it looks a lot less trifling with a post-it note as opposed to this index card and tape.)Image

3. On the microwave door. By the time your popcorn is finished you could have read the verse multiple times.

4. Above the kitchen sink. What better way to spend your time washing dishes?

5. The home/lock screen on your cellphone (or ipads). Why not replace that selfie with your favorite scripture?? We pick up our phone so often – this is an easy one.

6. Mirrors. Speaking of selfies, any and all mirrors are fair game for memory scriptures. And you can write directly on them with dry erase markers (or lipstick, I’m not judging)!

7. In your wallet/billfold.

8. Computer backgrounds/screensavers. Both your home and work computers and laptops.

9. On doors. Either right at eye level or just above the door knob/

This should definitely be a good start. Before you know it these scriptures will be hidden in your heart – ready for your use whenever you may need them! (see Psalm 119:11)

I’m sure I must have missed some – where are other good places to keep memory scriptures?


I’m participating in AwesomelyLuvvie’s 31 Write Now Blog Challenge! Something new to the blog every day for 31 days. I’m already late. For shame. But whatevs – I’m looking forward to this! #31WriteNow


One of the most important things I’ve learned in this here faith walk is the importance of  being at peace and know you are right smack dab where you’re supposed to be in life – write in the midst of God’s will. And the way that you figure that out is through learning how to hear the voice of God. So that when he says it’s time to move (or to stop), you recognize his voice and get to gettin.

I have a lot of decisions coming up (career wise, relationship wise, free-time wise, etc.) and haven’t been feeling settled or at peace like I normally am. So, I gotta do something about that. What am I gonna do? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I’m going to work through Priscilla Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God Bible Study. I see nothing but great reviews about it. And while I have studied Pastor Jenkins’ message on Hearing God’s voice (for months on end), there’s still something to be said about really interacting with the material. In addition to just listening to it.

I’ve asked some of my favorite girls to join this 6 week (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week) journey along with me. What say you? Could you use a little help learning how to distinguish God’s voice? Or maybe just a refresher? If so, feel free to buy the book (visit the link above) and join along! (And if you’re in the DC area there may just be a fun dinner/discussion night a couple of times throughout the study. Just saying…)

Let’s go!